Which jars work with JARWARE
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Is Jarware Reusable?

Of course! Our goal is to help you re-purpose your mason jar over and over again, so Jarware was designed to last. In support of the Reuse Revolution and to help divert waste from landfills, we want you to use and reuse your Jarware anywhere and everywhere.

Have any issues, questions or concerns? Feel free to reach out: info@jarware.com

What is Jarware Made From?

Jarware is made from carefully selected, BPA Free, recycled, food-safe plastic.

“Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!”

Where is Jarware Made?

Jarware is American company, designed in and operating out of the United States. And to ensure our customers get the best bang for their buck, Jarware is manufactured in Shanghai, China.

Is Jarware Dishwasher Safe?

Yes! Just make sure it’s somewhere secure so it doesn’t get blown around and end up next to a heating element.

Can I Use A Straw With My Jarware Drink Lid?

Of course! Any standard size flexible straw will work with the Jarware Drink Lid; rigid straws are limited to 0.31” [or 8mm] in outer diameter.

*Please be aware that although the Drink Lid does fit straws, the Fruit Infusion Lid does not.

Where Are Jarware Products Sold?

Jarware can be found worldwide at different retailers. If you're in the US you can also purchase from Jarware.com directly. We offer Free Shipping on any order $29.99+.

How do I Sell Jarware at My Store?

Get in touch! Contact info@jarware.com with the details of your inquiry.

I Have a Cool Product Idea! Who Do I Talk To?

We love supporting creativity and innovation! Simply visit our “Submit Your Idea” page to submit an idea.

P.S. The best ideas win free Jarware!

How Do I Get My Jarware Onto the Mason Jar?

We know installing your Jarware can be a little tough sometimes, but don’t fret.

The plastic used for our JARWARE items and the size of the rim can vary ever so slightly during production. These small variations can sometimes compound and make certain items easier to snap in, or vice versa harder to snap in.  

If you are having difficulty, please run the band over hot water for 30-60 seconds and then try to snap in the JARWARE.

JARWARE liquid items (cocktail shaker, tea infuser) need to have a tight fit and will require some extra force. As such, the product was never intended to be removed from the rim and should be considered permanent.

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