How To Fit Jarware Onto Your Mason Jar

by Amanda Fenimore


Jarware Mason Jar Accessories


We have had a few customers say that they've been having trouble getting the Jarware to fit on either the Mason jar or in the band. If you are having similar issues, here's what to do and why.

The recycled plastic used for our Jarware items and the size of the rim can vary slightly during production. These small variations can sometimes compound and make certain items easier to snap in, or harder to snap in.

The fix: Run the band over hot water for 30-60 seconds and then try to snap in the Jarware.

Drink-related Jarware items (cocktail shaker, tea infuser) need to have a tight fit and will require some extra force. As such, the product was never intended to be removed from the rim and should be considered permanent.

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